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India's Coffee Exports Increases By 38% In April-July 2011

India's coffee exports for the period April to July 2011 jumped by 38% due to strong growth in international demand and high global prices. As per the Coffee Board of India, during April-July 2011, India's coffee shipment was around 1, 05,345 tonnes.

The exports of coffee have registered growth in term of quantity and revenue both. Reducing global supply of coffee and increasing prices of coffee has been advantageous for the Indian coffee exporters. In term of revenue, the coffee exports have increased to Rs 1,977 crore in April to July from Rs 1,031 crore in the same period last year.

Indian exporters have been able to meet the global demand due to higher domestic production of coffee, which was around 302,000 tonne in last fiscal year and it is expected to increase to 322,250 tonnes in current financial year.

On the other hand, due to tight demand and supply situation in leading producers such as Columbia and Brazil, international prices have been increasing. Therefore, unit value realization for Indian exporters has been much better than the last year. As per the Coffee Board of India, this year Indian exporters received almost 38% higher price for the export of every tonne from last year. For every tonne of coffee shipment exporters got an average price of 1, 35,897 in April-July from Rs 98,922 in corresponding year of last year.

As per the Coffee Board of India the India's total coffee exports increased to 3, 11,798 tonnes in the first 10 months of 2010-11 coffee year ending September, as against 2,20,358 tonnes in the last year. European nations such as Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Russian Federation and Spain are the main markets for Indian coffee.

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