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Global coffee exports rises by 7% to 56.1 million bags in first half of current year

The export of global coffee has risen by 7% to an all-time record volume and stood at 56.1 million bags in the first half of the current year, as compared to exports which stood at 52.41 million bags in the October - March period of the 2011-12 coffee year, as per report compiled by the International Coffee Organization (ICO). This jump is due to a significant spurt in shipments from Vietnam and Indonesia. The increase has also been driven largely by strong growth in shipments of robustas, which rose by 15% to 22.2 million bags in the first six months of this year. Coffee year runs from October to September period and one bag contains 60 kg of beans.

Brazil, the world's leading coffee exporter, has exported nearly 16 million bags so far in the 2012-13 coffee year, 0.8% more than in 2011-12 period. Coffee exports from Vietnam, the world's second biggest exporter, rose by 9.5% to 12.4 million bags. Besides, the world's third biggest coffee exporter, Indonesia, also recorded a strong increase of 71.4% to reach 5.2 million bags, although there was a slight decrease by India to 2.5 million in the first six months of this year.

Further, coffee exports from Africa increased by 30.2% and stood at 5.4 million bags, its highest level since 2002-03. Uganda was the top exporter in Africa, at 1.6 million bags, followed by Ethiopia at 1.4 million bags. Mexico and Central America recorded modest increase of 4.9% with exports of 7.4 million bags representing the highest level since 2000-01.

Among coffee varieties, export of Colombian Milds and Brazilian Naturals also increased year-on-year, by 12% and 8.2%, to reach 4.9 million and 17.3 million bags, respectively. Exports of Other Milds, on the other hand, fell by 8.3% compared to 11.7 million bags in the review period. The total production in 2012-13 crop year is estimated at 144.7 million bags.

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