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Export of global coffee stood at 113.1 million bags in 2012

The export of global coffee stood at a record 113.1 million bags in 2012, a rise of 8.2% compared to 104.57 million bags in 2011, as per the report compiled by International Coffee Organization (ICO). One bag contains 60 kg of beans. This rise was despite shipments from the country declining during the year. India's coffee exports fell by 9.4% to 5.28 million bags in 2012.

The strong export levels seen over the last couple of years have also led to a reduction in opening stocks in exporting countries.  The total opening stocks stood at 15.3 million bags at the beginning of current crop year compared to 18.2 million in the previous year.

In 2012, Robusta export rose by 24% and stood at 46.61 million bags compared to 37.53 million bags in the previous year, but Arabica shipments fell slightly to 66.52 million bags from 67.04 million bags in the review period. The demand for Robusta varieties rose because the bean is less expensive than Arabica and has higher caffeine content.

For the year 2012, Brazil continued to maintain the world's top coffee exporter despite over 15% decline in shipments at 28.26 million bags as compared with 33.50 million bags in 2011 calendar year. Although during the last year, shipments from other two major exporting nations Vietnam and Indonesia rose significantly. In 2012, Vietnam shipped 25.47 million bags of coffee beans compared to 17.67 million bags in the previous year. Indonesia's exports were at 10.62 million bags in 2012, 72% higher than 6.15 million bags in the previous year. Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia are major producers of Robusta coffee in the world.

Colombia, the other major exporters, shipments declined by 7.5% and stood at 7.16 million bags in 2012 compared to 7.77 million bags in the previous year. Similarly, coffee exports from India declined by 9.4% to 5.28 million bags from 5.84 million bags in the review period. The total world coffee production in 2012-13 crop year, is estimated at 144.06 million bags as against 134.56 million bags in 2011-12. The crop year varies in different countries. In India, the crop year runs from October to September.

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