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Coffee exports dips 9.35% during January - December period

In the calendar year starting from January 2012 to December 2012, the coffee exports stood at 3.1 lakh tonnes, a drop of 9.35% compared with 3.42 lakh tonnes during the same period last year. The exports were down 1.96% in rupee terms and stood at Rs 4,728.71 crore against Rs 4,823.48 crore while in dollar terms the exports was down 11.19% at $926.27 million against $1,043 million. On the other hand, in terms of unit value realization, coffee fetched Rs 152,104 a tonne against Rs 140,645 a year ago.

In the first three months starting from October-December of the crop year 2012-13, exports stood at 47,159 tonnes showing a drop of 16.53% compared to last year's 56,499 tonnes. The unit value realization stood at Rs 163,593 a tonne against Rs 146,949 a tonne.

The arabica parchment constituted 44,384 tonnes of export compared to last year's exports which stood at 41,987 tonnes; Arabica cherry 13,745 tonnes (12,075 tonnes in last year), robusta 23,435 tonnes (30,263 tonnes in last year) and robusta cherry 133,605 tonnes (161,911 tonnes in last year), according to reports compiled by Coffee Board.

Besides, Instant coffee total exports were at 95,490 compared to last year exports which stood at 96,435 tonnes; instant coffee (Indian) 47,149 tonnes compared to last year exports which stood at 45,268 tonnes and instant coffee re-exports 48,341 tonnes compared to last year which stood at 51,167 tonnes.

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