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Rise In Cashew Rates Save Goa Growers

The lower supply of cashew kernel in Goa this season, because of unseasonal rainfall as well as temperature, has grown their rates, ultimately gaining the cashew farmers in state. Cashews are now being marketed at Rs 82 each kg compared to Rs 60 per kg a year ago.

The cashew growers suffered the brunt of unseasonal rainfall and inconsistent heat this season, when cashew plants were possibly purged away with rainfall or burned by temperature.

Satish Tendulkar State Agriculture Director stated the projection of cashew output, that was higher for the duration of the preliminary days of the growing season, dropped because of normal elements.

The output of cashews, that was meant to touch the normal mark of 25,000 lots this season, will now barely achieve 22,000 loads. The time of year will come to an finish quickly.

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