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Limited Worldwide Supply Improves Cashew Rates

Cashew market continuing to proceed up with the costs of virtually all levels growing on great need among restricted offer in the offshore industry.

W240 was initially traded at close to $4.50, W320 was basically marketed from $4 to $4.10, W450 at close to $3.95, Splits at close to $3.60, Items were marketed at close to $3.50 (f.o.b.), and also a few processors was able to offer several levels couple of cents high, business sources explained.

Natural Cashew Nut rates have also shifted up by $75-$100 a tonne, equal to 15-20 cents each lb of kernels, during the last few weeks. Brazilian purchasing goal is noted to be 30,000-50,000 lots, which is increasing the typical opposition among India as well as Vietnam regarding West African RCN.

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