LIVE MARKET TRACKER :   BSE SENSEX   31138.21      |    NSE NIFTY 9574.95    
GLOBAL MARKETS :  NASDAQ 6265.2495   +0.4580%    |    FSI London 7424.13   -0.20%    |    NIKKEI Japan 20132.67   +0.11%
USD - 0.7870 0.8937 1.3274 1.3181 64.5290
GBP 1.2719 - 1.1368 1.6883 1.6757 82.0797
EUR 1.1189 0.8801 - 1.4782 1.4736 72.1941
CAD 0.7552 0.5936 0.6749 - 0.9949 48.6810
AUD 0.7575 0.5973 0.6786 1.0066 - 48.9610
INR 0.0155 0.0122 0.0139 0.0206 0.0205 -

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Thanks for visiting - All About Indian Stock Market is an online portal for visitors to read all the latest news from the world of indian commodity market and about all the latest happenigs of indian stock market and corporate world. The portal provides an online platform for national and international visitors who want to know and invest in indian markets. was formed with the mission of providing the best of Indian commodity and stock market tips, newsletter and analysis in one spot. To help the investors and traders find the best information and guidance easily.

Our only aim is to help promote the Indian stock trading culture. The traders and Investors in Indian commodity and stock markets needs the best guidance all the time and we hope to provide them the latest from the Indian commodity and stock market. is formed keeping in mind the need of both the small and big investors.

Our vision is to evolve into a one-stop resource for all trading needs. The portal intends to provide wealth of information to companies and to individuals to help them research and analyze the indian stock and commodity market.

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